Public Domain Images

PD Images are pictures that have been placed into the world 'public domain' and are free to use by anyone, they are sometimes also referred to as 'copyright free'. In some cases though there are special requests made that the author of the photos be attributed so read the terms of use on each site you plan to source your images from.

Also see our listing of CC0 websites
(a new license type / standardised public domain dedication that many photographers are now using.

There are some great images to be found; below we have listed some of the better sites we have come across:

Site: Resolution (typ.) Collection Size
pdphoto.org 1024x768 Number of Images 1000's

showcasing pd images from the US government

N/A directory Directory
lots of flowers, landscapes and travel images from the creators of pdphoto.org
1024x768 Number of Images 13,000
some lovely old illustrations and etching from bygone books
400x600 Number of Images 100's
nicely setup archive of user contributed PD images
1280x900 Number of Images 13,000
grin.hq.nasa.gov and/or nix.nasa.gov
Great images in nasa is a collection of high resolution space related images.
1000x1000 varies Number of Images 1000+
US Government Photos, wide selection of topics
N/A directory Directory
PD licensed clipart from contributors and via wikimedia commons
small / varies Number of Images ?
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration Photo Library
1024x768 varies Number of Images32,000

collection of PD images from US government sites

small / varies number of images27000
US Department of Agriculture. animals, crops, research, fruits and veggies - good quality
2700x1850 (varies) number of images1000's
gallery if PD images from yellowstone national park
2000x1300 (varies) number of images1000's
small collection, described as PD but credit required
600x400 number of images100's
community repository of free use images

3072x2048 number of images2000?

small collection of location within the uk, nature, technology

1700x100 (varies) number of images300?
US department of defnece image collection
2100x1300 (varies) number of imagesLots
almost 5000 company logos in vector format (for editorial use only)
adobe illustrator .ai files number of images5000
just horrible when it comes to ads, but good categories of reasonable res PD stock
2700 (varies) number of images2000?
the US national archives, 30 million items (not all photos) organised under various subjects
varies number of imagesLots
collection of WWII vintage American posters
460x650 (varies) number of images300
small bug growing collection of pd
varies (up to 24MP) number of images1800
small collection of pd, mostly travel locations
1600x1200 number of images700
user contributed PD site, nice search
varies number of imagesLots
vector clipart and tools
PNG varies, SVG number of images?

new old stock
nice collection of vintage PD images on tumblr

Varies number of images?
nicely curated collection of pd images from various sources (modern style stock, sadly no search!)
Varies number of images?


Commercial use
Commercial Use Allowed
attribution link
Attribution Required
signup needed
Free Signup Required?

image resolution

number of images
Approx size of Collection
(v) = Varies ?=Approx/Guesstimate, Always confirm the license information before you use any image you find on a site listed here.
lifeofpix.com Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolutionvaries number of images100s
nicely styled modern stock photos, no search makes the 'list of photos' limited use for more than inspiration

gratisography.com Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolution3828 number of images100s
stylish and trendy, hipster style images, but no search makes the site limited use (CC0 license)

stocksnap.io Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolutionVaries number of images~1000
collection of images from various photographers CC0 licensed, good search

thepatternlibrary.com Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolutionVaries number of images~100
really nicely put together website with a small collection of tileable background patterns

goodfreephotos.com Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolutionVaries number of images<1000
small collection of PD images.

skitterphoto.com Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolutionVaries number of images<300
nicely implemented site, featuring a small collection of PD images.

1millionfreepictures.com Commercial useYes attribution linkNo signup neededNo image resolutionVaries number of images~800
despite the title, this site seems to have about 800 oddly selected photos, no categories

disadvantages of using PD images Disadvantages of using PD Images